Yohevet Yirgacheffe Medium Coffee 7oz


Yigacheff sweet and balanced with a smooth mouthfeel, tart acidity, rich chocolate,berry lemon and jasmine flavors.

Yirgacheffe Medium is also medium roasted coffee with mild and floral aromas. It is perfectly balanced, yet fruity and flowery. The fine acidity will tickle your tongue and awaken your senses. The perfect coffee morning, noon or night. Known for its floral and tea-like flavor notes, our yirgacheffe chelelektu reflects the terroir of the small holder farms where it is grown. This coffee has a great acidity and a smooth finish. It also works well in espresso and with milk.


Fruity and floral, this organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is a crowd pleaser.

Straight from the birthplace of coffee, meet our latest single-origin premium Yirgacheffe. This Ethiopian black tea will give you a completely different experience with its bright and citrusy flavors and aroma. This coffee is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Kochere mill in the Gedeb district of Ethiopia’s Gedeo Zone. Coffees from this region are known for their complex citrus and floral notes — and almost tea-like body!

The flavor of Ethiopian Coffee comes from the special soil and climate in this area. The Yirgacheffe region is located in the Southern part of Ethiopia where it has a rich coffee plant species. All these conditions lead to produce Yirgacheffe which is well-known for its good taste. This coffee has a unique natural fruity aroma and a light body. The cup contains notes of orange, cherry, and berry flavors.

Yirgacheffe is the name of a region in Ethiopia and also that of a town. Its coffees are grown at relatively high elevations, with beans harvested from heirloom plants, including indigenous varieties. Yirgacheffe—a coffee region in the southwest of Ethiopia, named for the local kebele (community). The lush green Gambella Region is a relatively new growing area. While coffees have been grown here for years now, it’s still in a nascent stage of development compared to other East African growing regions. Yirgacheffe’s coffees are distinctive for their intense floral aroma and sweet, crisp, citrusy flavor. Our Yirgacheffe is sourced from small family-owned farms organized around the Dukale washing station. The washing station is part of an effort to rejuvenate coffee production in Ethiopia by investing in regional infrastructure, improving quality, and providing local farmers with resources to increase their crop yields.

Ethiopian coffees are a product of their micro-climates, and Yirgacheffe takes full advantage of its amazing conditions. The coffee here is washed, meaning that the coffee cherries are first fermented to remove the sweet, sugary mucilage from the coffee seeds, which are called coffee beans. Following this step, the coffee undergoes a very thorough washing process before being dried on raised screens. This lends itself to more vibrant fruit notes and floral aromatics than other processing methods, which also makes for an excellent cold brew.

The birthplace of coffee, the ancient kingdom of Kaffa is home to some of the most extraordinary varietals on the planet. The fertile volcanic soil, rising at around 1900 meters above sea level, produces a sweet citrusy coffee with a full body and fruity finish. Derived from wild Ethiopian heirloom varietals, Yirgacheffe is named after the Ethiopian region where this varietal originated. As you open the bag, you will be greeted with notes of citrus and rich florals. After brewing your cup, subtle hints of cherry and vanilla will shine through.

Single Origin Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that works with small organic farms in Africa, Asia, and the Americas to find unique coffees that are sustainable and delicious.

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