Sidamo coffee is Floral and sweet with fruit acidity, black tea, orange, and toffee flavor.

Sidamo is known for its sweet and fruity flavor along with a spicy aroma. The cup demonstrates how the coffee has been grown on fertile highland soil, washed, and sun-dried.

Sidamo coffee is little processed and has been grown in the South Central region of Ethiopia for hundreds of years. The best Sidamo beans are used to make espresso blends and other strong coffees, adding some pleasant acidity.

Our Sidamo Coffee is grown in the savannahs of southern Ethiopia. It features both floral, as well as spicy aromatics, and flavor notes of plum and citrus.


Sidamo has a unique forest coffee-growing culture. Coffee plants are intercropped with various indigenous shade trees, bushes, and spices. Sidamo coffee is also known as having a strong and full body taste with an earthy aroma and flavourful lingering finish.

Sidamo coffee is the most famous of Ethiopia’s coffees. It is typically known for its bright acidity and full body, which is provided by the Arabica Heirloom Typica Coffee plant grown in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia. A representative from Sidamo Coffee Works says that it usually has a “wild berry flavor” that makes it a favorite among many Ethiopians.

The Sidamo region is generally considered to have the finest selection of coffee in all of Africa! The Sidamo coffee has a wonderful flavor and a gentle, yet distinctive acidity. Cups have pronounced floral notes, with floral aromatics and clean, balanced citrus fruits.

Simply named after the region, Sidamo is famous for producing coffee that is prized for its floral aroma and winey taste. It is one of the few regions in Ethiopia without a cooperative union. This farmer-managed coffee has to be of the highest quality, which takes rigorous precision in how their crops are grown and harvested. From growing to harvesting and roasting Sidamo coffees take a lot of care and talent.

Sidamo is a region as well as the name of an ancient kingdom in central-southern Ethiopia. This region enjoys one of the highest plateaus in the world. It is a place that has been historically important for both its geopolitics and coffee production. Much of this coffee grows on small farms at altitudes ranging between 5,500-7,500 feet or higher. Sometimes referred to as Yirgacheffe.

Volcanically grown at 5,000 feet. This Sidamo (the birthplace of coffee) is an Ethiopian heirloom with a distinctive flavor and bouquet that many connoisseurs cite as among the most prized coffees in the world. Grown in the South of Ethiopia, this classic highland coffee displays a buttery citrus acidity, blueberry flavors, and a big syrupy finish.

This specialty organic and Fair Trade coffee is sourced from Ethiopia. With tasting notes of orange, vanilla, lemongrass, and dark chocolate, this coffee will be a favorite for many years to come.

This is one of the most original and sought-after coffees in the world. The cup is unique and complex, as it is grown in very diverse climate, soil, and processing conditions. Soils vary from sand to brown clay to red clay. Rainfall ranges from 12 inches a year to 40 inches a year. Elevations range from about 1700 meters down to about 1500 meters. Some of the coffee is dry processed, with the sweet, wild acidity that this method produces. Some of the coffee is washed, producing a crisper cup with more complexity and clarity.

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