Yohevet Limu coffee 7 oz


Yohevet Limu coffee is an organic instant coffee that tastes amazing. Its unique taste comes from the exclusive blend and its roasted, sifted, and ground beans. There are many reasons why people choose to drink Yohevet Limu, but the most important one is because they love it!

The taste of limu coffee is unique, with a mixture of honey caramels, cherries, and flowers. Made from fresh bedouin flowers and natural ingredients it is a rich, smooth and aromatic blend.



Our coffee tastes as great as it looks. Our secret to making this possible is using only the freshest handpicked Arabica beans and roasting them in small batches to enhance their natural flavor. Yohevet Limu Coffee requires no chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives in its processing and packaging. Our fresh-roasted coffee beans are delivered from the fields to our factory within 24 hours of harvest, ensuring that you get the freshest possible cup of coffee for your home or office.

The taste of limu is a refined, light, and clean taste with a touch of sweetness. The cleanness of the taste makes it so that you can enjoy its flavor with anything and everything. Plus, it contains Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids which have been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, and inflammation and improve heart health.


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