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Gesha Sugary sweetness and mouthfeel with winey, fruit acidity berry flavors.
Gesha Coffee has been called one of the world’s most complex coffees. With floral and fruity flavors, this coffee which first grew in Ethiopia is considered by many to be the finest coffee in the world.

Gesha coffee is one of the most prized and expensive coffees in the world, capable of demanding $50+ a cup. The rare Gesha bean is famed for its delicate jasmine, citrus, and floral fragrance, with a soft body and intense sweetness. It’s ice cream in coffee form.

Gesha Coffee is the most exceptional coffee in the world. It has a taste that is unmatched by any other coffee, with hints of fruit, berry and other tastes that will surprise you.Gesha Coffee is harvest at high altitude & sunlight is scarce, so they make the most of the available light by growing tall. The long thin leaves provide a small surface area, reducing the amount of light reaching the fruit.


Gesha coffee is considered by many to be the finest of all Arabica coffees. The Gesha variety is a natural mutation, discovered in Ethiopia in the 1930s. Gesha is a very small plant with large leaves, and elongated and pointed cherry-like fruit that contains fewer seeds.

Gesha plants produce less coffee than other varieties and are often harvested at lower altitudes than specialty coffee. The low yields and high demand for this unique variety make Gesha one of the most sought after and highly valued coffees in the world.

Gesha coffee (pronounced gehs-ha) is the name of the coffee plant and varietal. The Gesha variety originated from a discovery of highland coffee trees in the 1930s from Ethiopia, which had not previously been noted for its coffee growing capacity. Farmers in Ethiopia saw promise in this new varietal and created a selection that was later to be named Gesha.

Gesha coffee is believed to have originated from Ethiopia, however, it was first discovered in the Gesha region of Ethiopia in 1931. The Gesha cultivar is named after the village. It is interesting to know that the Geisha cultivar is grown outside of the natural range in Ethiopia and occurs only at an altitude above 1,830 meters above sea level on the rich red volcanic soils of some of the major islands of Lake Kivu. The volcanic soils are rich in micro-nutrients and minerals that help this slow growing plant. In order for Gesha Coffee to thrive, it needs consistent sun, warm temperatures and high humidity as well as being protected from strong winds.

Gesha coffee is a rare and prized coffee bean said to have been found in 1936 by a farmer in Ethiopia. It pre-dates current Arabica cultivation and is a separate subspecies altogether. Gesha coffee trees grow very tall, which makes them difficult to harvest by hand. The coffee beans are also very delicate and can only be harvested using strict ripeness criteria, so optimal Gesha coffees are extremely rare, and typically found only in South American countries such as Panama or Colombia. The Gesha Coffee Bean has no close genetic relative among the list of 700+ Arabicas, but does share many characteristics with Geisha subspecies originated from Ethiopia.

Our Gesha is grown in a mix of shade and sunlight. When the coffee cherry is almost ripe the leaves are plucked from the branches and spread to dry on raised beds for about 6 weeks. The whole cherry is initially fermented for about 12-24 hours to begin removing the mucilage. Most of the mucilage is then washed off with fresh water and it continues to ferment under a thin layer of fresh water until all of that mucilage is removed – this can take anywhere from 2-7 days depending on the environment (temperature, humidity, etc.)

Gesha is a variety of Arabica coffee that has become world famous over the last decade. It was first brought to Ethiopia around 1927 by the Ethiopian government and was planted primarily in the Gori Gesha region. Over a number of years, this particular Arabica variety was grown until it became desirable enough to export. How did it get its name? The name “Gesha” comes from the area where it was found and then adopted by all the farms that grew it. The story has become an engaging part of coffee culture as it shows how important personality can be to maintaining authenticity.

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Gesha coffees are a great deal rarer than you might have guessed. The plant is challenging to grow and traditionally produces fairly low yields of almost unheard-of superfruit quality. Whats more, the plant has historically produced lower yields in comparison to many other types of coffee plants. However, there are a few exceptional varieties that strive to challenge this as is the case with HKHRD’s Gesha SL28 variety by farmer Miguel Meza.

Gesha is an Ethiopian cultivar of Arabica coffee that has gained a large following due to it’s incredible and unique flavor profiles. Hailing from the Gesha region of Ethiopia, the Gesha variety was discovered in the 1930s by a farmer named Gesha who planted it on his farm. Once unknown outside of Ethiopia, today it can be found growing from Costa Rica and Panama to Tanzania and Myanmar.

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