Wild Coffee Sidamo 7 oz


Wild Sidamo is highly aromatic, sweet, and medium-bodied with a complex taste. It also acts like a mood enhancer, which will make your day more fun! Indulge yourself in the taste of nature’s best coffee. This coffee is organically grown in the Sidama region of Ethiopia. It has attributes of fruit, cinnamon, and chocolate.

A medium to dark roast, Wild Sidamo is a full-bodied, fruity coffee that combines elements of cocoa and sweet marzipan with dark cherry notes. The coffee beans are known for their distinctive cherry scent and satisfying aroma.


The Sidamo region in Ethiopia is known for its distinctive and drinkable coffee. Wild Sidamo Beans are mainly grown in the Ethiopian highlands at lower altitudes, making them more acidic and having more bodies than other beans from higher elevations. They are also hand-picked, giving them a more thorough cleaning compared to machine-harvested beans. The best thing about Wild Sidamo Coffee is that you can have it fresh (in the bean) right after your purchase, unlike most other coffees that need to be aged like wine… or then ground and packaged (yuck!).

The best thing about wild Sidamo coffee is that it is grown high in the mountain in Ethiopia so far from the disease and pollution of the big cities. This is a significant factor in its good taste. Also, it is grown by farmers who are organized in cooperatives and guided by Fair Trade, who get the right price for their crop and live in a dignified way. You can drink this coffee with confidence knowing that you are directly helping to improve the lives of thousands of Ethiopians, who wouldn’t have been able to sell their harvest otherwise. The unique taste of Wild Sidamo will also wake up your senses and leave you wanting more. A captivating flavor of red grapes, berries, light cherry, and chocolate tones awaken the palate and are supported by a full body that imparts a lasting finish. Flavors intensify as the coffee is brewed to full strength. Consequently, we recommend using a fine grind. We slow drip-brew using our French press pot. Sidamo beans should be roasted to medium-dark brown and have an initial aroma of green coffee with a gentle floral note.

Our expert roasting team is dedicated to sourcing the very best beans from start to finish, so you know you’re drinking coffee that’s been crafted with all the love and attention it deserves; coffee that delivers a pure, vibrant flavor every time.


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