Wild Coffee Yirgacheffe


Wild Yirgacheffe Coffee is the best coffee in the world because it has a light and slightly sweet yet spicy flavor that has been compared to fine wine. It is excellent any time of day, but many customers choose Wild Coffee Yirgacheffe in the morning or after dinner.

This coffee tastes great, and has a rich body and smooth taste. In fact, it is highly sought after by many people who prefer to have it as their daily cup. Wild Coffee Yirgacheffe has only one coffee type, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It’s processed using the natural process method, which means that the beans are dried on the coffee cherry instead of drying them in a machine. This processing method preserves more taste and flavor of the bean, giving it a richer flavor profile.


Wild Yirgacheffe Coffee is a medium-dark roasted coffee from Ethiopia that has a natural sweetness. It’s also an Organic and Fair Trade certified coffee and has hints of dark chocolate and caramel, with notes of dark cherry and mint. Wild Yirgacheffe Coffee is the rarest of all Ethiopian coffee and is considered by many to be the highest quality arabica in the world. Wild Yirgacheffe Coffee beans are a special cultivar that has been farmed and processed with great care.

Wild Yirgacheffe is a light-roasted coffee that has been carefully crafted for you. It is a gem of a coffee and one of our most popular roasts. Wild Yirgacheffe has a sweet aroma and delicate taste, with gentle fruit notes that end with a hint of orange.

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  1. Anna G.

    I was looking for organic coffee and decided to try this Ethiopian Wild Yrgacheffe flavor and loved it! This 7 oz bag is absolutely perfect, and a great value. Highly recommended!

    • ethupian

      Thank You So much, Anna. Enjoy our Yohevet coffee.

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