Wild Coffee Gesha 7 oz


Wild Gesha coffee beans are the only coffee beans that are organically grown, Shade Grown and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Wild Gesha is an exotic species of coffee grown in southern Ethiopia that tastes very similar to a rare species of civet cat called civet, which is known to be the most expensive animal in the world. Wild Gesha Coffee has such an exceptional taste that it has become one of the top 10 most expensive coffees in the world.

Wild Gesha is a premium, wild and natural-tasting Ethiopian coffee. This is the ultimate combination of fresh citrus and gentle floral notes, with a long aftertaste of chocolate and honeysuckle. It gives you a boost of energy that can’t be matched by regular coffee.


Wild Gesha Coffee is the result of a natural cross-pollination between the Coffea canephora var. robusta plant and the Coffea arabica var. typical plant. The two species are grown in different regions and have different characteristics, but both originally come from Ethiopia. This genetic combination was first discovered in 1984 by Humberto Pena at his farm in Guatemala, and it took almost another 20 years before this variety was recognized officially as a unique “species” in 2003 by Kofi Agawu, who named it “Coffea arabica × robusta.” Wild Gesha Coffee can be considered a natural hybrid descendant of Arabica, even though the genetic mix has become more prevalent through selective breeding and artificial selection.

Wild Gesha is a coffee that has been grown on the extraordinary volcanic soils of Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region, in a rich coffee-growing heritage. The region is rich in volcanic soil and mineral deposits, providing quality coffee plants with a unique set of attributes. Wild Cooperation, dedicated to making the highest quality coffee products, was introduced in Ethiopia in 2012. This delicious Ethiopian organic coffee is made from wild arabica beans that grow in the Kafa region of Ethiopia. Wild Gesha is known as the best single-origin coffee in the world by many international experts, due to its rich and complex flavor profile.



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