Premium Yirgacheffee Coffee – 15 Capsules


Our Premium Yirgacheffee is a top-quality 100% Arabica coffee grown in the cool highlands of the southern Ethiopia mountains. It has a unique taste characteristic called ‘Fur’ – sweet with fruity taste, smooth and round flavor notes, and pleasant mild acidity. This coffee is sold only in specialty stores. Most of our customers buy it foraging, which gives it a special character that makes it one of the most popular coffees in the world today.

The Premium Yirgacheffee flavor is balanced, sweet, and fruity almost like the aroma of Pinot Grigio wine. This is a medium, high sugar content coffee, with big-bodied acidity and a pleasurable mouthfeel. The bean profile is very sweet, intense, delicate, and clean.


Yirgacheffee is the name of a town in Ethiopia and also the name of this fine coffee. The coffee beans are naturally growing and processed with care in this region, which is both high above sea level and close to Africa’s Great Rift Valley. After slow drying, the coffee cherry is placed on large tables to be cleaned by hand. A 12-hour long process that makes sure that coffee beans have no defects, which would diminish quality. Then all the beans move through a process of sorting and grading. First by size, then again by density ensuring only the best quality is used in production. Small batches of Yirgacheffee are produced from these high-quality beans to ensure freshness in every cup.

Premium Yirgacheffee coffee can be defined simply by the fact that it is roasted and packed at the origin, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Many people do not realize that roasted coffee is available in the green form which is the raw material of all roasting. The plant is harvested, machine-dried to optimal moisture content, and then hulled to process the green coffee into parchment coffee. A small percentage of this green coffee is designated as Premium Yirgacheffe Coffee and it is this coffee that makes up the majority of our offering. Our offerings of Premium Yirgacheffe Coffee come from several different cooperative societies in Ethiopia which are located in zones where the best coffees are grown.

The Premium Yirgacheffee, Ethiopia native coffee is one of the most expensive varieties in the world. Grown at 2,600 feet above sea level on the weathered clay soil, its fragrant fruit, floral, cocoa and spice aromas provide a rich and full cup of earthy tasting coffee. The Premium Yirgacheffee is grown by small farms in the Sidama region of Ethiopia in the plateau known as the birthplace of coffee

Yirgacheffee is an area in southern Ethiopia that produces limited quantities of coffee beans. Since the climate produces such a rich flavor profile, Yirgacheffee coffee has become a very desirable commodity. Premium Yirgacheffee Coffee is a Fairtrade-certified product. It is hand-picked and carefully processed to ensure you get a smooth cup of coffee with excellent body and complex flavor.

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  1. Raily

    Wonderful coffee. Exactly what I was expecting. A bold, robust coffee with a medium roast overall. Perfect for my espresso machine. I love that I had the option to purchase whole beans so I could grind them myself! Thank you!

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