Premium Sidamo Coffee – 15 Capsules


Well-balanced, complex, and smooth, Ethiopian Sidamo represents some of the best characteristics of African coffee. Often regarded as one of the finest coffees in the world, Sidamo can be enjoyed both hot and iced and is well worth seeking out.

Sidamo coffee has a delicious and complex flavor profile, with delicate notes of berry and cane sugar which linger pleasantly on the tongue. Sidamo coffee is known for its floral, citrusy aroma, and it tends to have a medium, smooth body.


Sidamo is a variety of coffee named after the region in southwest Ethiopia where it’s grown. Sidamo is considered an Arabica, thus it has the same merits as any other Arabica, but with its own individual taste and distinction. Sidamo beans begin their life in the highlands of Ethiopia, ripen into a deep cherry red color, and are hulled using mechanical separation.

Sidamo coffee is a premium grade Arabica, grown at a higher altitude than most other coffees – and it’s all about the taste. To make exceptional Sidamo, you must start with a high-quality bean – and our team of experts does just that. Once roasted to perfection and brewed, our Sidamo beans produce a smooth, slightly sweet cup of coffee with notes of cocoa and stone fruit. Sourced from the smallholder farmers of Ethiopia – known as the land of origin for Arabica coffee – you can trust that your Sidamo tastes just as good as it smells. Built to last a lifetime, Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee offers uncompromising quality.

Sidamo is red, reddish-brown, and occasionally yellowish in color. Some beans may have dark crimson hues, even when roasted. Sidamo has a unique body, similar to Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, with a bright aroma, a mild flavor, and notes of almonds. The Sidama region combines high altitude with volcanic, soil rich in minerals giving it not just a unique climate and taste but also an unquestionable quality that can see instantly distinguished from other Ethiopian coffees.

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  1. Daniel Sams

    Great Flavor. Good Medium Roast Coffee, Honestly once you open the bag you get the fresh smell natural bean. And once it has been grinded and brewed its such a smooth flavor. Original Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee Beans.

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