Premium Gesha Coffee – 15 Capsules


Gesha is an unusual variety of Arabica coffee beans. It has a distinctive earthy taste, with sweetness, floral and citrus aromas, and very low tannins. The flavor is smooth and elegant, making it a favorite among coffee connoisseurs. It is arguably one of the most expensive coffees in the world.

Gesha coffee is sweet, nutty, floral, and citrusy. Geisha coffee is grown at higher elevations than most coffee-producing countries, so it’s supposedly a hardier plant. Gesha coffee is much in demand due to its unique combination of clarity, brightness, and body. The flavor profile indicates notes of apple, grapefruit, lemon, lime, and red berry with a sweet aftertaste and a smooth finish.


Coffee is life for many people, but aficionados are willing to pay top dollar for the finest brews. So what is so special about this particular bean that makes it more desirable? Geisha coffee is the world’s most expensive coffee because of its unique mixture of flavors and aromas. The beans have a floral and cocoa flavor, with strong hints of fruitiness. When ground and brewed, the aromas waft through the air, leading your guests to believe you’re pulling out all the stops on your drink instead of using something as simple as grounds in water.

Coffee from the Gesha plant is a rare and expensive variety due to its rarity, highly prized taste, and specific growing conditions. Also known as the “coffee of angels”, Gesha coffee is a named cultivar of the Coffea Arabica species of the coffee plant. It was discovered more recently than many other varietals and grows in the mountainous regions of Kenya and Ethiopia. The variety was named after Geisha, a town near the region where it grows.

Gesha (Geisha) coffee is a rare, small-batch coffee grown only in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. Within this region, Geisha coffee is unique, as it is only cultivated at high altitudes (1,600 to 2,100 meters above sea level) and it is entirely handpicked. Because they only pick ripe cherries by hand — and because they pick them as late as possible in the season — Geisha coffees have a naturally sweet and fruity flavor profile.

Santos and Daterra, the leading producers of Geisha coffee are located in the best microclimates for Arabica coffee. These regions of Brazil have a perfect climate and soils to support Arabica coffee plants, which results in some of the highest quality caffeinated beans on earth!

2 reviews for Premium Gesha Coffee – 15 Capsules

  1. Dr E. Pollack

    The coffee is so delicious and to my surprise it is decaf. Every time we have company we have to make at least two pots. For us it checks all the boxes for taste and quality and excellent customer service. There is no need to add sugar and there is no bitter taste.
    I would recommend it to people who truly enjoy their coffee experience. I for one grind my own beans, though they will grind coffee beans for you. They are very accommodating.

    • ethupian

      Thank You So Much Dr E. Pollack for your valuable feedback.

  2. Sarah H

    When I first heard about the coffee I was a bit skeptical about it but then when I tried it I just fell in love with the rich flavor of natural coffee. Highly recommended! Definitely from now on my go to coffee ☕️

    • ethupian

      Thank You So Much, Sarah. Enjoy our coffee beans.

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